What is Solution-Dyed Carpet?

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Solution Dyed Carpet is something that should have been invented a long time ago, but was somehow an oversight. This time around though, the industry has it right.

Solution-dyed means that there are no open dye sites left in the carpet. So if you, your kids, or your spouse spill something, there is nowhere for that color to be absorbed, because all of the carpet fibers have already been filled with dye.

To give you a visual, imagine a radish cut in half. You can clearly see the red exterior color as well as the visibly white interior. In the world of carpet, this could be an empty dye site on a fiber.

Now imagine a carrot cut in half. You can clearly see the orange color throughout the whole carrot. This is essentially what solution dyeing carpet does to the fibers, leaving no room for other colors to be absorbed.

This changes the way the industry is headed, and it’s beneficial for consumers because it means less to worry about when the messes of life pop up on your brand new carpet.

Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that no carpet is perfect. If your 3 year old spills juice everywhere and you don’t notice, it doesn’t mean that liquid won’t eventually soak into your carpet and the backing. The anti-soiling methods applied to carpet today means that spills typically stay on the surface longer, but it won’t stay there forever. However, the likelihood of you being able to get it out without a professional cleaner is much higher simply due to the fact that the dye sites are already filled and cannot absorb more color.

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