Window Coverings For Bay Windows

Whether you have large bay windows, sliding glass doors, or a store front of windows, chances are that you need some sort of coverings for them.   Selecting the right window coverings for your needs can help bring together your living space, keep out the midday sun and provide the privacy you're looking for at night.  Here's a look at five different types of coverings that are suitable for large (or small) windows, and work well with any interior design concept.


Honeycomb shades, also known as cell shades, make a great choice for covering larger windows.  These window coverings come in a variety of different colors, and are available in light filtering or black out options.  Honeycombs also have the option of bring manufactured with a cord, cordless, and in top down/bottom up fashion. 

While there is a limit to how large they can be made, you can have two honeycomb shades on one window, with one large valance covering the top, giving the illusion of one shade.  This also gives you the option of having one or both open at the same time.


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Vertical Blinds are still often called Venetian Blinds, and are a great option for covering large, floor to ceiling windows and sliding glass doors. While most people picture the typical pure white verticals, there are actual hundreds of color options, patterns, and designs to choose from.  Vertical blinds work well in office settings, for bedroom windows, and glass patio doors because they easily let in any amount of light you prefer, or can be completely shut to block the light from coming in.


Roller shades have a simple, elegant design and are available in almost an endless variety of fabrics and patterns.  With light filtering and blackout options, you can choose the right type of shade to meet your needs for whichever room you need window coverings in. The roll can be left exposed or covered with a custom cornice or valance to bring together the design elements of the room.


Silhouettes have the appearance of horizontal blinds encapsulated in fabric.  The horizontal portion is a slightly more opaque fabric the allows for the look of horizontal blinds, and is available in translucent or room darkening.  Silhouettes can be opened partially or fully, allowing in only the amount of light that you desire.  There is a size limit as to how large these can be made, but as with the Honey Comb Shades, there are a variety of options for making them work to cover larger windows in your home or office.



Draperies are a timeless piece for any home.  Choose from almost any fabric (solids, prints, sheers, suede, silk, etc), and have them custom made to suit your style and the size of your windows.  Custom creation allows you to choose just the fabric itself, attaching a blacking out liner, or having a separate sheer shade behind the drapery fabric to let some light in during the day.  There are also several varieties of decorative rods to choose from to bring the final touches of your design together.


At Family Carpet & Draperies, window coverings are our specialty. If you have any questions about your specific windows, or have a custom design in mind, we would love to help!  Visit our contact page, or call our office at 619-697-5969 to schedule an appointment.

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