Living Room Flooring

Living rooms are, without a doubt, the most social space in any household. Apart from being a communal area for recreation among family members, it is also where people tend to entertain their guests. That being said, there are certain considerations that home owners need to bear in mind when choosing the type of flooring for this room.

As a social space, living rooms have to exude comfort while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Typical choices for flooring materials include natural hardwoods or slate tiles. There are also soft options including carpet and cork.

Color can also play a crucial role in tying together the vibe of a living room. Typical floor colors include Browns, tans, grays and amber hues together with white and off-white tiles.

Finally, ease of maintenance is also important to consider since living rooms are prone to heavy foot traffic. They are also susceptible to spills, stains, and smudges. For particularly big households, resilient flooring such as linoleum, vinyl, or even porcelain tiles is the ideal.