How to Install Vinyl on Existing Flooring

Vinyl tiles are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to spruce up tired-looking floors. The beauty of this material is that it can also be installed on top of existing flooring. However, homeowners must take this with a grain of salt since vinyl does not conceal imperfections from the existing flooring that well. A rule, smooth, seamless, or tightly seamed surfaces work better for this material.

Here’s how to install vinyl on existing flooring:

  1. Measure the center points of all four walls and snap a chalk line between the facing walls forming a cross.
  2. From the center point, begin laying tiles outwardly on any of the quadrants until you reach the wall. Don’t worry if there is a gap between the last tile and the wall.
  3. For the edges perpendicular to the wall, fill the gap by first laying a full tile across the gap and mark on the loose tile where the edge of the laid tiles fall.
  4. With a straight edge, draw a line between the two marks and then cut down the tile with a utility knife.
  5. You can then install this piece of tile. Repeat the process until all edges are filled.