Gorgeous Kitchen Flooring Options

Home kitchens are special spaces that require the right type of flooring materials. Beyond aesthetics, kitchen floors should be able to withstand foot traffic and constant spills and smudges. Below are five types of floors that can work well in this room:

Engineered Wood
Water is always in issue in kitchens and this is where engineered wood shines best. It is less vulnerable to moisture damage since it shrinks and expands less than its solid counterpart.

Kitchens are busy places and so they require easy-to-maintain floors. Travertine is a great option since it only requires annual sealing, monthly wet moping, and dry sweeping a couple of times a week.

This beautiful stone provides style and function all at the same time. Irt is also easy to maintain since it only requires matte-finish product once a year.

This earthy number comes in a wide variety of patterns and sizes that can harmonize with any kitchen style. It can also be stained in an assortment of colors that can match any design sensibility. The best part of this is that this material is earth-friendly especially when paire with low-VOC emission products.

Reclaimed Wood
This flooring material has a lot of stories behind it. It can also be treated to lend a rustic feel to a room.

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